"KONDO" F5, $1200 as a pet.

Kondo and his brother were born 02.02.18 with their two sisters.  I was holding back with these two boys, as I was thinking of a future stud.  I would prefer to sell them as a pair.  They are extremely close and seem to love each other.  

"KOBE", F5, $1200 as a pet.

Personality plus!!  This little guy is full of it.  Attentive, lively, and lovable.  He, and his brother, Kondo have been so much fun in my household.  Very clean habits; they need to go to their forever home as they are far too comfortable here.  


"Kobe" and "Kondo"

They are playing with a feather toy and they seem to share without attacking.  lNeither one is aggressive.  I would like to sell them as a pair.  Discounts would be honored if sold together.  


"Domino" F5, $1200, pet.

If he was to be used for STUD, his fee would be $2000.  


Domino is the largest in the litter.  He is a marble,  His markings are symmetrical.  Although these Savannahs do not have spots, their markings are always beautiful


His personality is very sweet, he loves his brother and has assimilated very well with the other cats and dogs in my family.  

"Dante" F5, SOLD

Dante is a looker.  He has beautiful spots, a really nice face.  Dante is an investigator.  He was out of the box first, running down the hallway.  If interested as a STUD, he would be $2000.  SOLD

"Dante" SOLD

Dante and his brother are a pair.  They are really close.  If sold together, I will discount them.  I like to sell as pairs, keeping siblings


"Dante" SOLD

I can send additional pictures if you like.  Dante's face is a caramel color while his shoulders and belly are more neutral.  However, I expect him to be caramel with dark spots.