Kittens are raised in my home one litter at a time.  I provide vaccinations, worming and well-check.


I normally breed for 1-2 litters a year.  Most usually I have one litter at a time so I can socialize the kittens totally.  They are raised around other cats and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  My Savannah Kittens are exposed to other people as well.  They are usually very friendly and curious about visitors.  I place kittens from 10-12 weeks.  Kittens are healthy when they leave here and are healthy in their new homes.  I really like to place two kittens at a time and I discount accordingly.  That makes everyone happy.  

OTHERS I ENDORSE  The International Cat Association for the Savannah Registry.  For all your food, toys, furniture, etc. needs.  For baby bottles that are designed for kitten's mouth.  For all your veterinary needs.  For odor control.  Supplements  Purevita premium cat food.


I plan to retire Lulu and Paka in July.  The two are sisters and have been incredibly close.  I want them to go together and they will go as pets.  This means that we would work out spay costs and a reasonable fee for the adoption.  They are both young and should have long healthy lives.  To have a loving, safe home is most important.  


1.  Most ask about size.  The closer to the Serval, the bigger the cat.  Hence, if it is an F1, the cat will probably be larger.  F5s are usually more the size of a normal cat...some can be a little larger.

2.  I have questions about Savannahs being "wild".  Most Savannahs are rather friendly and lovable.  Most of my cats are not cuddly, but they do sleep with me, and are always nearby.  I have a couple that are sleeping near my pillow.  

3.  Some ask about allowing the cat outside.  I can attest to the idea that if you allow your cat outside, you are running the risk of multiple diseases, not to mention the dangers of critters outside.  When the cats are raised inside, they are not accustomed to protecting themselves when they go outside, especially at night.  I have a "catio" that houses some of my cats and it is divided so all cats can enjoy the sun and being in fresh air.  

4.  My cats are TICA registered.  However, for Pet Only cats, I release the papers after they have been neutered or spayed.