Safari is a silver Savannah with black spots.  He has been prolific in his breeding.  He is such a sweet boy with a really funny personality.  He likes to woo you in, then give you a big spray..  Really, he is sweet to the girls, loves all of them, and is determined to get his job done.  He is young and usually throws bigger babies than himself.  

F5 KONDO, dob 2.2.18

What a sweetheart.  He is still under evaluation for me.  I really love his clear silver background with faint spots.  He loves the other cats and fits in very well.  He's content to be in the inside, watching the humming birds, blue jays, other cats and dogs.


Zig is retired.  However, I did get some beautiful kittens from him and they are in another line.  He's way too sweet, and gets along with everyone.  Wish all had his personality.