F1. MAYA dob 02.02.2018

Maya will be a future breeder for Kiwarapaka.  She is a beautiful, friendly, well-loved tall Savannah from Tiffany Smith.  Maya has all the Savannah characteristics....down to her chirp, her long legs, her long, thin neck, big ears, and never-ending curiosity.  Maya should have some beautiful kittens and will be a great mother.                                                                            

F4, LULU dob

Lulu has been the best mama and she and Safari have produced some beautiful silver and "amber" babies.  There is nothing shy about Lulu...she knows what she wants and goes for it.  Her babies are always sweet and very healthy.  I have kept one of her boys back as a possible breeder.  

F4, PAKA dob

Paka is a beautifully marked Savannah with a dark nose, distinct spots, She became a mom on 5.21.18.  She has two beautiful, fat babies with wonderful dispositions.  One is a marble, one a brown spotted tabby.  I plan to spay her after this litter as she was a little too spoiled to be a mom.  She would much rather be with the gang or sleeping in the bed with me.  Regardless, the babies are fine.  I will be rehoming her soon.